Hawaii Division Aquatic Resources


Closed Seasons

Ula (spiny lobster), ula papapa (slipper lobster) and Kona crab seasons closed May-August.

Moi season closed June-August.

Waikiki-Diamond Head

Open to fishing during 2014.

Koke'e, Kauai
Annual trout opening scheduled for Jun 14-Sep 28, 2014.
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  • Freshwater game fishing licenses now available online.
  • Bottomfish vessel registration is available online.
  • Commercial Fishing Report online system now available.

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Marine Life Conservation Districts


Hawai‘i's Marine Life Conservation Districts are designed to protect nearshore habitats and fish populations within them. Click on the image to learn more.

Hawaiian Streams

hawaii stream

Hawai‘i's streams are home to a unique assemblage of native fishes and
invertebrates, most of which are found nowhere else on earth.
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The mission of the Division of Aquatic Resources is to manage, conserve and restore the state's unique aquatic resources and ecosystems for present and future generations.

The DAR manages the state's aquatic resources and ecosystems through programs in commercial fisheries and resource enhancement; aquatic resources protection, habitat enhancement, and education; and recreational fisheries. Major program areas include projects to manage or enhance fisheries for long-term sustainability of the resources, protect and restore the aquatic environment, protect native and resident aquatic species and their habitat, and provide facilities and opportunities for recreational fishing.